Top Pool Remodeling Trends for 2024

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As we move into 2024, homeowners are increasingly looking to update and modernize their pools with the latest trends in pool remodeling. Whether you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal, improve functionality, or incorporate eco-friendly features, there are numerous options to consider. At SANTOS USA CONSTRUCTION, we specialize in pool remodeling in Sarasota, providing innovative solutions to transform your pool into a modern oasis.

Eco-Friendly Pool Upgrades

Energy-Efficient Equipment

One of the most significant trends in pool remodeling is the shift towards energy-efficient equipment. Upgrading to variable-speed pool pumps, energy-efficient heaters, and LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and operational costs. These eco-friendly upgrades not only benefit the environment but also enhance the overall efficiency of your pool.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is another popular trend for 2024. By harnessing the power of the sun, homeowners can maintain comfortable pool temperatures without relying on traditional heating methods. Solar heating systems are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can extend your swimming season.

Smart Pool Technology

Automated Pool Controls

The integration of smart technology into pool systems is revolutionizing the way homeowners manage and maintain their pools. Automated pool controls allow you to manage pool functions such as heating, lighting, and filtration from your smartphone or tablet. This technology offers convenience and ensures optimal performance and maintenance of your pool.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are becoming a must-have for modern pool owners. These devices automatically clean the pool floor and walls, saving time and effort. Equipped with advanced sensors and programming, robotic cleaners provide thorough and efficient cleaning, ensuring your pool is always ready for a swim.

Innovative Pool Designs

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools continue to be a popular choice for homeowners looking to create a luxurious and modern poolscape. These pools feature a vanishing edge design that creates a seamless transition between the pool and the surrounding landscape. Infinity pools are perfect for properties with stunning views, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Natural Pools

Natural pools are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly and aesthetic appeal. These pools use natural filtration systems, such as plants and gravel, to maintain water quality. The result is a chemical-free swimming experience that blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Natural pools offer a unique and sustainable alternative to traditional pool designs.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

Poolside Lounges and Cabanas

Creating a comfortable and stylish poolside lounge area is a trend that enhances the overall pool experience. Adding cabanas, outdoor kitchens, and shaded seating areas can transform your pool area into an outdoor living space. These additions provide a perfect spot for relaxation, entertaining, and enjoying the poolside ambiance.

Fire and Water Features

Incorporating fire and water features into your pool design can create a dramatic and captivating focal point. Fire pits, waterfalls, and fountains add visual interest and enhance the sensory experience of your pool area. These features can be customized to fit your design preferences, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Upgrading Pool Finishes

Glass Tile and Mosaics

Glass tile and mosaic finishes are trending for their vibrant colors and reflective properties. These finishes can be used to create intricate designs and patterns, adding a touch of artistry to your pool. Glass tiles are durable, easy to maintain, and can make your pool sparkle with a luxurious feel.

Pebble and Aggregate Finishes

Pebble and aggregate finishes offer a natural and textured look to your pool. These materials provide a durable and slip-resistant surface, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Available in various colors and textures, pebble finishes can be customized to complement your pool’s design and landscape.


As you plan your pool remodeling project for 2024, consider these top trends to create a modern, efficient, and stylish pool. From eco-friendly upgrades and smart technology to innovative designs and luxurious finishes, there are numerous ways to transform your pool into a contemporary oasis. At SANTOS USA CONSTRUCTION, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your pool remodeling goals with expert craftsmanship and personalized service.

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